Fiber Friend in Need

Thanks to Ravelry, I am getting the chance to know people I may not have otherwise met. People who are as crazy about their fiber as I am, which makes it even more awesome. One of those people, is Lisa, of Poppy Flower Fibers. Not only does Lisa have great talent as a fiber artist, she is a kind, caring person. 

Unfortunately, she is faced with a difficult situation at this point in time. Her sweet dog, Poppy is very ill and has been for a few months now. This is after Lisa spent money on her other dog who was sick, and she lost earlier this year. As any pet owner knows, vet expenses are, well…expensive. 

What was amazing to hear from Lisa, was that the fiber community is supporting her more than some of her “real-life” friends. We, as a whole do seem to be a great community. Thus, my blog post about Lisa and Poppy. She was encouraged by a friend to start a raffle to help raise some much needed money for Poppy. I think this is a great idea, and have already purchased two tickets myself! I believe in doing anything you can to save your animals. I would for mine. If it was really dire and was likely to cost thousands, I would want to be as lucky as Lisa, and have people out there willing to support and help.

Tickets for the raffle are a mere $5.00 and you get a chance to win, 8 oz of 80% Superfine 19.5 micron count Merino/20% Mongolian Cashmere. Yumm, how luscious does that sound?

Good luck to anyone who buys tickets, it is a great giveaway! My continued love and support to both Lisa and Poppy! May you get some answers, may Poppy heal very quickly, and may you have many, many more years together!!

Here are some links:

This one is to Lisa’s blog.

This is a blog she put together for people to track Poppy’s progress and her fundraising efforts. She also showing documentation from her vet here.

Here is the link to purchase tickets in the raffle.


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