A Quicky

Just thought I would get something up for your viewing pleasure today. Here is my finished yarn that I was working on during the Tour de Fleece. It came out lovely. I just adore the colors. It is 138 yards and 1 ounce of fiber, it was Navajo plied. Click on the photos to see a larger version.


A Pretty Skein

A Pretty Skein

Close Up

Close Up


That is all for now! 🙂 Coming soon..a post with pics of all the lovely birthday loot my lovely friends graced me with! 😀


Adventures in Birthday Land

First of all, let me just say that so far, I have had the most amazing birthday EVER! I say so far, because even though the day is technically over, the celebration continues and I will be spending time with friends every day the rest of this week and Saturday. It honestly doesn’t get better than that. The fact that I am surround by people who genuinely like me and want to celebrate with me, just a wonderful thing!

I also need to note that the elimination diet is no longer. I lasted a week and a day. It was worth a try but just too much to deal with right now.

Originally, I had planned to stay home and do nothing. Zip, zero, zilch, nada (guess you get the idea) all day long. However, this morning my wonderful friend Flame asked me if I wanted to meet up for lunch. Of course I did! We met at TGI Fridays and had a fantastic experience. I was upfront with the waiter and told him I had Celiac disease and could not have gluten. As soon as I said gluten, his face lit up. Get this one……he actually knew what I was talking about. How terrific is that. I asked him for suggestions and he willing provided me with some very tasty options. I chose a yummy grilled steak, no sauce or seasoning and a side salad (which he even understood could not have croutons on it!). When I asked if they would clean the grill prior to cooking my steak, he said of course they would! Yippee!!! The meal was great and Kate and I had a wonderful time celebrating each others birthdays (hers was the day before mine) and our friendship. She gave me a wonderful necklace that I will cherish.

After our fantastic lunch, I went over to a chocolate store in the plaza that Fridays is in. I was seriously bummed to see they were out of business. I decided to walk over to the health food store instead and see what goodies I could find. I walked in and started to look at their lotions out of curiosity. I picked up a coconut one, flipped it over to start reading the ingredients, and noticed in big, bold letters; vegan, gluten free and wheat free. Not only did that make me happy, but I became even more giddy upon seeing that the lotion had a companion coconut body wash. Mmmmmm….I LOVE the smell of coconut bath products. This stuff smells great and feels great on. Not at all greasy and very moisturizing! While there, I also found some gluten free chocolate truffles. Score 2 for the birthday girl. 😀

From there, I proceeded to mosey on over to Starbucks to get myself some coffee, knit, and munch on my truffles. I was contently doing all three when I looked up and saw the skies darken dramatically. I grabbed my stuff and got out of there in an attempt to beat the storm. As soon as I got in the car, the skies opened up! On the drive home, the highway was actually starting to flood because it was raining so hard. Everyone was going really slow too, including me. I was thankful to get near home and drive into clear, blue, sunny weather.

I came home and enjoyed the rest of my coffee and chocolate. I worked on my current lace project some more and was very happy when it was time for my man to come home. We had a nice relaxing night here at home. Dinner was oooey, gooey, chocolaty, and ridiculously good home made and still warm, gluten free brownies. Add a side of delicious ice cream, and a candle, and what more could a birthday girl want?!

I will try to take photos of the awesome birthday gifty goodness that I have been the recipient of and post them later this week or on Monday. I am off to bed now to rest up for another wonderful day tomorrow!

That’s Life

Just when I think I have this all figured out…a new issue has surfaced. 

I was getting ready for bed and decided to put on some Bath and Body Works lotion. Ah, it smelled so wonderful and I love the way their scents pamper my skin. I was winding down and relaxing, and then…..boom. My skin started to itch. I started to get little red bumps all over. My skin started to turn red and burn/tingle a bit. What in the world?! Oh carp, I was reacting to my lotion.

I acted as quick as I could, still in disbelief. I took a Zyrtec, washed off the offending lotion very well, and now here I sit. Still a bit itchy and uncomfortable. I have been using their lotions for many, many years now, and I have NEVER reacted to them like this. While they are not gluten free, because they do have oats in them, I saw no problem in using it. I wasn’t going to EAT the lotion after all.

I am still not sure what I reacted to in it, but after that, it is quite clear that I can no longer use their lotions. Talk about sucking big time! I love their products and have quite the lovely selection to choose from, scents to suit every whim of mine. Ah well, nothing I can do about it, best get over it and move on. Guess I need to start being careful about what I put on my skin too.

I am going to go lay down, pout a bit, and hope the Zyrtec kicks in soon.

I’m Still Here

I have things to post too, newly finished projects, and pretty skeins of yarn. However, these last two weeks have not been good for me. I am still reacting to something in my diet, part of that reaction is listlessness and it makes me feel just blah. Zaps all of my motivation to do anything at all. Thus, my lack of posts here.

I am tackling this darned food issue head on! I did go gluten free and have been very successful with it. It appears that I may have other intolerances though since I am still reacting. In order to figure out what is going on, I have started an elimination diet. I am ready to feel better and to be able to live my life more fully. I am tired of always being, well….tired. Intolerances are sneaky and annoying little things. They don’t always make themselves as clearly known as an allergy does. They tend to cause more physiological symptoms and can mess with you in a big way. A typical reaction for me includes: migraines, nausea, digestive problems, my face flushes bright red and burns, I get shaky and dizzy, I feel like I have medicine head on steroids (aka brainfog). I can’t focus, concentrate, and become forgetful. Then there is the exhaustion…sheer and unending, like I haven’t slept in years. I also get muscle cramps and aches. Sometimes I get only a few of those symptoms, and other times I get them all. Needless to say, this is not a fun experience!

I am on day three of the elimination diet, and I am doing well so far. While I feel terrible due to withdrawal, I know that it will pass and I will feel immensely better. My tummy is already doing better on this diet, and it only took one day for that change. I have already lost some weight too! Nice side effect there. I am actually eating better than I think I ever have. Very healthy, well rounded meals!!

The diet consists of eliminating:  wheat (and any gluten containing grains), corn, eggs, dairy, peanuts, soy, nightshades, shellfish, beef, pork, refined sugar, caffeine.

I am sure that sounds like there must be nothing left. However, there are still yummy things to choose from. For dinner last night, I had catfish with sweet potato, and green beans. For dessert, I had a pear. For breakfast today I had cold, leftover chicken, brown rice, sugar snap peas, and a nectarine. I am working on a crockpot recipe that will have rice, black beans, chicken and veggies in it so that I can make something that will get me quite a few meals.

At this point in my life, I think I can handle just about anything if it means I can feel better. I am so ready to leave my zombie days behind!